Our exquisite face oils are a blend of
    pure organic argan oil mixed with
    the best essential and absolute oils.
    To restore, nourish, hydrate, moisturize
    & rejuvenate all type of skins.
    Composed of the highest
    quality essential oils
    and botanical extracts
    to please all your senses.
  • For Mother-To-Be
    Experience the safest,
    most luxurious skincare
    throughout pregnancy and beyond.
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About Activaroma

An active relationship. Between complementary essential fragrance oils that bring out never before experienced nuances. The natural connection of these beauty botanicals with your personal chemistry. A luxurious reawakening of your skin. Your soul.

ACTIVAROMA has discovered the miracle of unifying holistic healing and intimate mood therapy, delivered in signature blends featuring the highest quality Moroccan argan oil. To you.